Monday, September 14, 2009

just to say sorry

i'm sorry that i'm like this, i'm sorry that i'm sad.
i'm sorry that i can't be normal.. i guess it's kinda bad.
i'm sorry that i love you and just can't live without.
i'm sorry that i ruined your life with all my doubts.

i guess i really hate him and apparantly that's bad.
but honestly, he makes me very, very sad.
so please consider this as an apologetic cry.
if i continue to live this way i might as well die.

one thing that is worse than my whole entire life,
is that this letter, if you read it, will cut your heart like a knife.

so i guess this is my secret poem,
only because i'm very lonesome.

just one final word i really wish to say:
please just keep on assuming that i am perfectly okay.

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